Monday, 14 April 2014

Working Girl: Professional Comfort

When you have to be at work five days a week, some eight hours a day, it's important that you not only look professional, but comfort is imperative. I'm not suggesting anyone show up in a corporate office in their track pants, but I think we can all happily agree if we can look the part, throw in some personal styling and still be comfortable, our work week would be much more bearable. 

I personally work in a fairly conservative corporate office environment, where Casual Fridays is not even an option within my department. Even so, I have managed to incorporate pieces here and there to amp up basic corporate attire. Obviously it is important that personal discretion is used, you should know what you will and won't get away with. 

1. White collared shirt - ft. Cue Tucked Raglan Sleeve Shirt 
2. Black tailored high-waisted trousers - ft. Topshop 32" Stitch Cigarette Trousers 
3. Black cropped fluffy jumper - ft. Supre Kitty Cat Crop    
4. Black pointed heels - Nine West Eviee Wedges
1. Structured black bag - Prada Saffiano Lux Tote
2. Thin black and gold belt - Portmans Metal Career Belt
3. Rose gold watch - Michael Kors Runway Watch
4. White nail polish - Sally Hansen White On

When trying to incorporate unconventional pieces into a professional outfit, I prefer to maintain a natural colour palette and a classic silhouette. The design of the shirt and trousers provides a neat and simple frame as your canvas. I particularly love the cut of this shirt from Cue because it provides structure and accents feminine definition.

The pièce de résistances, the center piece, is of course the cropped shaggy jumper. The insanely soft material will keep you warm on those early morning winter commutes to work. Ensure that you keep this piece at a fitted size and avoid sizing up too much. Whilst I'm all for cozying up with oversized fluffy jumpers, the slouchy look will take away from the professional silhouette.

Keeping the everything black and white, with peaking accents of varying shades of gold keeps the look edgy but keeps it from being tipping over to tacky.

If I'm being honest, this particular outfit has been revisited a couple of times but I say why not get the most out of a good thing!

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